About Me

I am a dreamer, perpetual dreamer, a story teller in love with light, whimsy, laughter and stillness.


My name is Tonya Lessley. I am a dedicated Bozemanite in Montana. I live here with my patient husband, four vibrant children, two loving cats, one large puppy, and a sweet tortoise who lives life at her own pace.

I love so many great things this town has;  music, hiking, biking, good food, camping, backpacking, coffee shops… I love to laugh, break out into songs at random.  Every moment seems to have a great lyric written about it.  I love to people watch, it fills me with wonder and curiosity about the lives of strangers.  I love that Bozeman is a gateway to the world. I love to travel and explore.  I travel globally to capture your inspired moments.

Amidst the chaos of life, it is essential to make time to stop and take a deep breath.  Watch the way the light dances on a fluttering leaf, savor the aroma of a dandelion, and feel the gentle breeze as it kisses your cheeks causing a smile to rise up from deep within. Listen to laughter.  Make funny faces and create laughter to share. Daily I am reminded to view the world through unassuming eyes, relish each moment for what it is, and embrace the greatness of what is to come.

When I look at people I see their beauty that radiates from within.  I see eyes that have a lifetime of experience to share.  Everyone has a story that has formed them into who they are today.

I see Light.


S o c i a l i z e